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For lovers of food, cooking, and all manner of related subjects!

This is a place for us to discuss how real people eat well and cook well, and to scoff at the overblown, overrated, and pretentious from time to time. What in food or about food makes you happy?

If you skip right past recipes that require obscure items and oddball equipment, or laugh at celebrity cookbooks that seriously advise you to throw out all spices that are over six months old, but you still don't want to settle for McDonald's and frozen TV dinners anymore, you're in the right place. If you're in no position to renovate your kitchen into an architectural magazine's dream, but want to make the best of cooking in the space you have, you're in the right place. Especially, you're in the right place if you love to learn and share practical and esoteric knowledge about good food and cookery. We do love to eat out, but for now we plan to leave most restaurant commentary to sites that specialize in that. (See Tasty Links for some hints.)

We at HappyFoodie are constantly absorbing a lot of foodie information, some of which can save you a bundle of money or time or trouble. We aim to pull that data together and present it in a way you won't readily find elsewhere. See our piece on cookware selection for a good example.

HappyFoodie plans to post opinions, naturally, but also means to encourage new writers to submit essays and have community forums for others to chime in, as this is one topic that can stand all the cross-pollination of ideas it can get. New friends with foodie leanings are warmly welcomed. HappyFoodie.com will post links only for relevant vendors and organizations which can be recommended from personal experience, on whose goods and services the writers would gladly spend their own time and/or money.

Please enjoy our site's quick-loading text-only incarnation while we get our new graphics into place. We welcome comments and suggestions. Click here to contact us. Thanks!

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Image: L'Ortolano (1590) by Giuseppe Arcimboldo

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